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The island is back to normal

The island is back to normal

Top border official Magnus says he’s been asked to resign but has refused to do so. More than 300 people say they are not going to work in protest against the ban, and officials expect more to join. Meanwhile, two passengers from the flight died after an unexplained explosion. “We received the news of their death from relatives,” says Magnus. “I can’t even begin to imagine what that means to their families.”

Baffert: “It is, in any case, a very sensitive topic. It’s not a good idea at all to mix religion and politics. There are some who are trying to do so, and that’s a mistake.”

In an attempt to avoid any more deaths, officials have shut down all of the island’s airports and ferries for about 24 hours to allow authorities time to clear the island. All flights are also back to normal.

As for travel on Ansett-ANA, you’ll have to get your passport from your own airline. There are no flights scheduled at present (but many have been cancelled or delayed by bad weather). According to government staff, there is a backlog of passports at the Ansett office in the capital.

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