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The device was found in a baggage hold at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport

The device was found in a baggage hold at Toronto's Pearson International Airport

Suspicious device found at a Toronto airport has been disarmed and 2 people are in custody, authorities say.

The FBI and Canada’s federal police say it was a “non-functional device” that detected motion.

They say it was found Tuesday afternoon in a baggage hold in a departure area at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Three people were arrested.

Airport spokesman Mark Harvey says the device was disarmed during a routine screening.

It was removed from the airport’s property and was then turned in to authorities.

Two of the people arrested have been released and the third will face charges, he says.

There were no injuries. (CBC)

The airport says they are working with federal officials and the FBI to investigate.

The airport is in the midst of a $600,000 upgrade designed to make it safer for passengers and staff.

The project includes new passenger screening and security cameras, improvements to the existing security screening, and a new terminal and security area.

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