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Xavier Becerra’s Special Prosecutor is on Leave

Xavier Becerra’s Special Prosecutor is on Leave

L.A. prosecutor put on leave over questionable case sparked by election conspiracy theories

L.A. County prosecutors say they have put on leave a special prosecutor who was investigating a case involving the 2016 presidential election, and whose office has been implicated in a conspiracy theory that a top Los Angeles County official was part of a plot to steal the election for Donald Trump.

The special prosecutor, John Huber, is the first and only law enforcement official who has been named publicly in connection with a conspiracy theory involving the 2016 election. It also follows the release last week of a book by the author who is a self-proclaimed “investigative journalist” that alleges that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra was involved in the 2016 election — a charge Becerra has said he will vigorously contest in court.

L.A. County has announced Huber will remain on leave while the county investigates the matter and considers the allegations that Huber is the face of a conspiracy theory in the Westlands area of the L.A. County Sherriff’s Department, where Huber was assigned as a special investigator.

The case was started after Los Angeles County supervisors voted last year to establish a task force to investigate misconduct by county officials during the campaign, including possible election interference. But the allegations made by the author that Becerra and Huber were involved in the scheme never advanced beyond a rumor.

The allegations against Huber were first made in a story published by the Los Angeles Times last September. “The claims in the story are false, and the Times is withholding publishing the story until I can verify its accuracy,” Huber said in a statement in late April.

Becerra is a Democrat whose reelection campaign has been dogged in recent months by allegations that he is a secret Democrat operative, a theory that he has strongly denied. He has also denied that he has any involvement in the investigation.

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