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Why I’m a Distraction from Reality

Why I'm a Distraction from Reality

Sadder but Wiser? Maybe Not.

I think at this point that we’ve all had that feeling where you feel a bit like you know everything and the world is just a big mystery and you don’t really want to waste time on it. It would be nice if we could just stay off social media, but it’s harder than that. You get on it, you don’t understand every damn thing that’s out there, and it’s like, wow, it’s pretty amazing. Then someone’s a jerk, and then you think, wait a second, they’re not what they seem. And then you look into this person’s life and realize, they’re super fun, they’re passionate, they’re funny, and their life is more interesting than whatever you’ve been thinking about a minute ago. This is what social media used to be for, but it’s not.

It’s a fun distraction. It’s not so much a distraction from reality but a distraction from reality for me.

If nothing else, it helps me understand that reality is kind of like a big puzzle that I’m going through. I’m putting all these pieces together, and I have no idea what they all mean, but they’re all there under the surface. I can’t get all the pieces from the top down, so I’m just trying to get the pieces all the way to the bottom, and I feel like I’m kind of like a detective going through all these clues and they’re all interrelated. At least some of them.

It’s like when you go to the supermarket and there’s a million different things you can buy there, but the one big thing you can buy really depends on the rest—who else is out there buying the same thing? So you can’t figure out which of them is right for you until you get into the big puzzle of “who else is buying this thing, and will they buy this thing?” And then you look and there’s all this other stuff there that you weren’t expecting. And you find out they actually do buy the big thing, and then you look into that person’s life and it’s really cool.

I’ve said this before, I think a lot of this is a result of having a family and a group of friends and a job. You don’t want to make too many assumptions because you don’t know how people will respond, especially if they’re polar opposites. But you also don’t know what will happen

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