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Why I Love Mexico City

Why I Love Mexico City

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and More: Visiting Mexico City’s House Museums

In many ways, Mexico City is the world’s most popular and interesting tourist destination. You can’t help but compare the city to other cities of the world, particularly Paris, London, or New York. There’s certainly much to recommend the city—its streets are the most glamorous in the world, in my opinion, with well-curated streets, beautiful architecture and interesting shops. You can eat at the most sophisticated restaurants in the world, be serenaded by the world’s best symphony, marvel at an art museum, and walk through an exhibition for days on end, just like in other places.

But perhaps the one thing that strikes some visitors to Mexico City is the number of museums, particularly those devoted to art and architecture. And I’ve always felt that the more museums you can visit, the better off you are. In that way, you can see how the world’s greatest architects and art museums have been inspired by one another and even influenced one another to shape new architectural styles. This can lead to innovations like the skyscraper, another of my favorites. Take the Chrysler Building, for example, or the Eiffel Tower—these structures are truly iconic.

For example, take the Chrysler Building: When you talk about great architects, you talk about Frank Lloyd Wright and the International Style. But what about the Chrysler Building, where Louis Kahn and Walter Gropius were involved in the design? What about the Chrysler Building in Chicago, designed by James Gamble Rogers? What about the Chrysler Building on Fifth Avenue in New York’s Rockefeller Center—an architectural masterpiece conceived by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe?

Now, why do I mention the Chrysler Building? Well, when you visit the city and see the famous Chrysler Building, it can be so inspiring that you can be inspired to visit more museums, or to visit more places. In fact, I suggest you use the day to visit museums in your area. This is the kind of day I really enjoy. It was the day I spent the most time in New York, visiting many museums, but especially the Met Cloisters, the Metropolitan, the Morgan Library, and the Guggenheim. You can learn more about the Met Clo

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