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The World Cup 2018 — Brazil

The World Cup 2018 — Brazil

World Cup fans ready to celebrate despite stadium beer ban

Fans at the opening ceremony ahead of the 2018 World Cup begin their journey for Brazil

In the first stage of their journey, they board the coach for an overnight layover in São Paulo where they will then sleep onboard as they make their first pit stop in the World Cup fan center. They wake up at the World Cup fan center around 0800 and are served a welcome breakfast of croissants, coffee and buns by the team. They then prepare to move on to the fan village where they will get another welcome breakfast of croissants and bananas before departing. On their journey, they visit the National Stadium, the best-attended stadium in the world. It will be the site of all of the games, as well as the party, and will be used as a venue by the Brazilian government for World Cup events.

The journey is not without incident as it is surrounded by heavy rain and the team will have to endure a brief stop at a small army base for some training.

In the second stage of their journey, the fans board their coach for a more substantial stop in Salvador da Bahia – the host city of the tournament – before proceeding on to Joinville (Bahia) the city of the tournament, the location of the headquarters of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and the venue of the opening ceremony. The bus then heads to Brasilia for the second stop of this day, the headquarters of the World Cup. The city is the capital of Brazil and is a renowned modern university.

The journey back to the capital brings with it a visit to the Presidential Palace before the bus arrives back in São Paulo.

The journey from São Paulo to Salvador da Bahia is uneventful and the fans are transferred to their next stop – Joinville – which will be the first host city of the World Cup.

From Joinville, the bus continues on to Brasilia where the journey to the opening ceremony in Brasilia will begin. The journey from Brasilia to São Paulo is a more complicated one as the route overland has to be altered in order to avoid traffic which would

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