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The video of a young man being humiliated by the Iranian regime

The video of a young man being humiliated by the Iranian regime

Persian cafe in L.A. keeps memorial honoring Iranian women killed in protests despite vandalism

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Show Caption Hide Caption Persian cafes are a rare sight in Los Angeles These Persian cafes are all over Los Angeles — until the day a group of men drive in and break them down.

An Iranian-American student and filmmaker, who was born in Tehran, filmed his last day on American soil on Oct. 7

The video shows him walking through the streets of downtown L.A. before being confronted by a group of men

The group of men, who are friends from Iran, have been jailed since his disappearance

“The city is full of violence and terror,” the narrator’s voice says in the video

A peaceful protest turned bloody as Iranians took to the streets of Iran’s capital after a young man was publicly humiliated by the regime, with images of two of his friends killed becoming grim proof of the dangers present in Iran today.

The video shows a man, wearing a baseball cap and dark pants, walking up and down the streets of downtown Los Angeles as if he had all the time in the world.

It is not a scene of violence but of a peaceful protest turned bloody when one of the student’s friends was killed.

As the clip progresses, he is confronted by a group of men who walk up to him and ask him for help. He does not attempt to flee but answers their questions as he is pushed to the ground and beaten.

It is unclear from the video what sparked the attack and who was responsible.

The video of the young man and the friends who were killed was shared widely on Facebook, and the hashtags #RezaZadeh, #RezaKoorabadi and #RezaRazavi are among the most-searched terms on Twitter.

One of the videos showing the violence posted on Facebook went viral again as Iranians reacted to the death of Zadeh.

“You have to be a real coward to do something like this,” one commented.

Another added: “The fact that some Iranians in Iran are celebrating this and some are mourning it just shows a picture of our ignorance.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned the attack

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