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The prosecution’s case was not based on additional evidence

The prosecution's case was not based on additional evidence

Prosecution rests at Harvey Weinstein’s Los Angeles trial

The prosecutor in sexual assault case against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has rested his case for the fall trial of the mogul, the Weinstein Company and several other Weinstein-related defendants announced Thursday, saying no new evidence could be presented beyond what already had been presented.

In an unusual move, the prosecution’s case was not based on additional sexual assault evidence. Instead, they relied solely on the evidence they already had presented with the defense case.

But defense lawyers had planned to present additional evidence by saying the prosecution failed to disclose that a man, named Peter Scolari, was present at a hotel room when a woman, Lucia Evans, was assaulted, with Scolari being charged with rape for allegedly attacking the plaintiff.

The trial is set to last three weeks.

“It is our desire to show the jury that the government was aware of the alleged rape and did nothing about it,” defense lawyer Lisa Bloom said outside the courthouse, before the prosecution’s case ended.

“As far as the government is concerned, it was consensual. We intend to prove that at trial. The government has had three weeks to produce its case,” Bloom said before the jury was sent home for the evening. “They had ample time to do so. The jury has heard all this evidence, and we believe the jury will hear it again. It has been proven that Ms. Evans was assaulted by Mr. Weinstein, and the jury should see that.”

Weinstein was charged with the felony, and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. He has pleaded not guilty to the allegations.

Bloom said Weinstein, who was arrested on July 7 after being accused of sexually abusing “women for decades,” “is a victim of a system that fails the little guy…. We will prove that Weinstein was denied justice.”

Her remarks were met with applause, while several protesters were standing outside in silent protest.

Bloom said the defense would focus on the issue of rape in the courtroom.

“We expect that there will be multiple witnesses to support this case on behalf of Mr. Weinstein,” she said, adding that there was no longer a criminal sexual conduct statute.

Bloom dismissed a suggestion the

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