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The Next Most Popular Jobs in the U.S. Are Not in the Administration and Congress

The Next Most Popular Jobs in the U.S. Are Not in the Administration and Congress

Closing Arguments: Republicans, Democrats make their case to Americans ahead of midterm elections

With less than a week to go to the midterm elections, most of the candidates are still on the road campaigning. Republican leaders and President Trump, at least, have been campaigning on the economy.

Democrats, meanwhile, have been running a barrage of TV ads focusing on corruption and gun violence. Those ads began running as soon as the November 6 election is certified.

As the midterms are approaching, Republicans have the biggest overall advantage in voter registration, so Democrats should expect to have to work to secure the state and local government offices that they need to flip.

Democrats are also focusing on state houses and a dozen governorships, while Republicans are trying to control state legislatures and some state houses to block Democrats from picking up seats.

At the same time, Democrats are seeking to flip one or more state legislatures and governors’ mansions, a path that can get extremely messy in places like California, New Jersey and Virginia.

Republicans have struggled in recent presidential election cycles. But they did have a huge advantage in registration. Now, Democrats have a big advantage in registration but Republicans still have the most-registered votes.

If Democrats can flip a bunch of state legislative seats — they are favored to win just one state legislative seat in Maryland — then they’ll be able to help Republicans turn the tables. That, in turn, would hurt Democrats more than it would hurt Republicans.

The next most-popular jobs in the U.S., by far, are not in the administration and Congress. They’re in the state legislatures where Democrats and Republicans both control their legislatures.

So it’s important for Democrats to win a state legislature they can control in order for them to have the power to do some good for the country.

Democrats have a problem

Democrats need to pick up 24 seats to gain control of the Senate, the first step in their plan to confirm more moderate judges, increase taxes on the rich, and increase services to the poor.

With a big edge in voter registration, Democrats could easily pick up seats, but that would only take them to 23 seats.

At some point, they’ll have to pick up a seat, maybe in one of the blue states, in a state that wasn’t on their list, or in a state where they were already favored

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