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The New LACFF Logo and the New Uniforms

The New LACFF Logo and the New Uniforms

An ‘abnormal,’ monsoon-like weather pattern hits Southern California this week from early Wednesday through Friday, with afternoon highs ranging from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. Temperatures will stay above average for most of the time, but only the very hottest days will surpass the 90 degrees mark. On Tuesday, for instance, the mercury will be in the low 90s.

According to the National Weather Service, parts of Los Angeles could see temperatures as low as the 80s in some areas as well as between the mid- to upper-70s in others. There won’t be much relief from the heat on Friday — the heat index will hit 105 degrees in the region, which is the hottest temperature in the day on Earth.

While we wait for the storm to pass, we get our first look at the new Los Angeles County Fire Department logo. The new logo was unveiled Thursday by Fire Capt. Randy Kuntz, who was elected to the second-term position in December. The color scheme is orange, white and red, which is similar to the colors used on the fireboats. The new logo will be used on everything from uniforms and promotional materials like the LACFF’s official website to the vehicles that crews use to patrol the city.

As we get our first look at the new Fire Department logo, we’re also getting our first look at the new uniforms, which are going to be worn by all firefighters. The new uniforms will have more emphasis on the blue on the sleeves, but will still include a red stripe on the sides. They’ll also be in the red-and-white stripe, with the blue on the sleeves.

While none of us is going to be able to look under an orange helmet, we did get our first look at the new LADOT Explorer and its “Explorer” logo. The new LADOT Explorer logo was designed by Chris Dyer, a former intern for the Los Angeles Times’ Travel section.

The new LADOT Explorer logo will be used on the vehicles that are in service to provide a visual aid for drivers who may lose their bearings while driving in the region. The new uniforms will also be used on those vehicles as well as the ones that provide firefighting services.

Here’s a look at the new logo from the back.

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