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The Mayor of San Francisco is Not in the Battle with Harvey Weinstein

The Mayor of San Francisco is Not in the Battle with Harvey Weinstein

Column: The bravery of Jennifer Siebel Newsom facing Harvey Weinstein — and facing us all – the state of sexual misconduct in the world of Hollywood and beyond

“What is shocking is the degree to which the sexual harassment crisis in Hollywood is the problem for the rest of society,” Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the Democratic mayor of San Francisco and Bay Area representative, told me this week. She added, “I’m not in this battle with Harvey Weinstein.” The comment was a reference not to Harvey Weinstein, but to the broader epidemic of sexual misconduct that has afflicted the entertainment industry. “I am standing with these powerful women who have been threatened, bullied and even assaulted by Harvey Weinstein,” Newsom elaborated. “It is horrifying that a man of his stature can still intimidate victims into silence. But we must not stand by,” she continued. “I can’t walk away.”

San Francisco, home to the technology industry, is one of the most progressive cities in America. Yet Newsom is not taking a position on politics. She says she has no intention of getting involved in the city’s primary election this month, and she hasn’t weighed in on the matter at all. “I’m not going to take a position on the election,” Newsom told me this week. “I was elected in an anti-corruption way, and the only way I could have done that was to make everyone involved understand what happened with this person, who now is in prison, and his subsequent actions.”

Newsom was elected Mayor of San Francisco in 2015 on a campaign, launched at the time by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to eliminate sexual harassment in the city’s workforce, as the case of Harvey Weinstein demonstrates. At a time when women of color continue to be disproportionately affected by sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, the Mayor had to confront and understand the problem on her own. She was confronted by the case of Weinstein, and her response was to address it head-on by creating a task force to help women who have been harassed, called the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women. In

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