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The latest fashion trend!

The latest fashion trend!

Tie-Dye, From Stylish to Traditional?

In this post, I want to introduce you to the latest trend in fashion! The tie-dye phenomenon! You may be familiar with the term from fashion circles but it is now a household name, and you might be more familiar with the fashion shows where the designers incorporate the tie-dye into their collections. And you may not know it was the trend prior to the fashion shows, after all, it took a fashion trend to go viral on social media in the first place.

I recently got an opportunity to attend a fashion show in the Maldives, and to witness the tie-dye trend firsthand. The show was called ‘Vasco’, and it went viral on Twitter when a couple of days before the show, while visiting the island of Laamu in the Maldives, I came across a couple of bloggers (they are very influential in their fashion circles) wearing the popular tie-dye at the fashion show. And I couldn’t help but wonder, how did the tie-dye go viral?

The trend actually started at the ‘Black Tie‘ fashion night at a club in London in October 2016. And when I say ‘Black Tie‘ fashion night, I am talking about the night where various members of the Fashion Council of the UK were present to discuss a variety of fashion trends. The topic was to discuss the evolution of what was called ‘tie-dye‘, the fashion trend which is derived from the term used to describe the pattern created by tying wool around an animal’s neck.

The fashion trend took off. And then the fashion designers in the UK started to utilize the term tie-dye in their collections. And then they went viral (pun intended – they were fashion show attendees and fans of the show).

But what is tie-dye?

First off, let’s define the term ‘tie-dye‘. Tie-dye is the term used to describe the pattern created by tying wool (or other material) around an animal’s neck. The pattern is created by various designers and brands like Balmain, Banana Republic and Calvin Klein. The pattern which is created by tying wool ‘dyes‘ is said to mimic the pattern of the animal. For example,

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