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The L.A. Bank’s biggest scandal is a big one

The L.A. Bank’s biggest scandal is a big one

Inside the L.A. County Fed: Humbled by racist leak, fearful more tapes might be out there

L.A.’s biggest bank is dealing with a big scandal.

“Citizens were concerned about the bank and the safety of their accounts after a bank employee posted a racist joke on social media,” the Times reported yesterday, adding that the employee apologized. The employee, a security guard named Richard Martinez, had joked on Facebook that if he was stopped by the authorities he would send a “rap sheet” to the police that included his last name as the “f–king” “Martinezes”.

In a public apology, he said: “I realize this post was insensitive. I would like to apologize to the Bank’s customers, the police and all those offended by this. I will be working with Bank officials to make changes.”

As a result of the incident, the bank has hired “a new manager to manage the bank, and a ‘racial sensitivity trainer’ to implement training,” the paper said, adding that Martinez, a white man who is a former Marine, has resigned. The Times didn’t report how the new manager will address the issue.

A few days after the story was published, the bank’s board of directors called a special meeting, at which it will try to figure out how to make sure the bank doesn’t become “a symbol of racism, prejudice and discrimination” in the community. “Bank officials say they are reviewing policies and training” before deciding the best way to address the issue, the report said.

The incident is just the latest in a string of controversies surrounding the bank. A few weeks ago, one of its employees was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting. And on Tuesday, a video showed an employee being pushed down a flight of stairs by the

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