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The Future of the Next Generation

The Future of the Next Generation

Op-Ed: The neglect of younger voters is a lost opportunity for political parties

The political parties in Australia are failing to reach out to the younger generation, and this is an issue that should concern everyone.

Whether you’re a young person yourself, or you know someone who is, the age of Australia’s voters is set to decline in the next generation and this is a big, potentially life changing, factor that will be reflected in the electoral results in the next federal election.

In fact, older voters would be the big winners.

While the younger generation were growing up during the GFC, the economy, jobs and the social fabric all changed in ways that would have impacted them.

They are now going through one of the worst recessions for over 30 years, have a population which is growing at an average rate of 2.9%, and where people are living longer with more of them on Medicare.

The fact that this generation, who arguably hold more power than any other in Australia, are less likely to vote for the parties that they see as being in favour of their issues is a missed opportunity for political parties.

I believe that there are several reasons that this generation’s attitudes could be changing.

The first reason is that their parents, who are now in their 80s and 90s, are not living their retirement years to the full.

When they were growing up, things were different.

While their parents are now having a more active role, with most still working part time to bring up the kids, the time they have for themselves is often limited.

My generation will be experiencing a major lifestyle change from a young age. This time could be the beginning of a new, different way of living and looking at the world.

Second, this is the year that people are going to make up their mind about the future of the next generation.

It will be interesting to see whether or not this election will be seen as a referendum on the Liberal party or the Labor party in particular.

While I don’t believe that the next generation will come out to vote, will

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