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The first-ever AI model to predict the future of agricultural output

The first-ever AI model to predict the future of agricultural output

Sara Menker and Gro Intelligence Are Tackling Global Hunger in a Whole New Way

Sara Menker and Gro Intelligence are currently collaborating to create the first-ever model to forecast the future of agricultural output globally.

The company has been testing this model in New York where a group of farmers has been fed a steady diet of data. The end result is a model that is able to determine how the food market will react over the next year to future events, such as food price inflation and political unrest.

Gro Intelligence is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that aims to put the principles of good business practice to a test by applying advanced AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to the global marketplace, ultimately creating a superior customer experience by predicting and optimising your business performance on every aspect of your business.

Since 2012, Sara Menker, CEO of Gro Intelligence, has been providing food producers and retailers with the best insights at a price they can afford. The company has been able to turn this into a growing partnership in which they can see how they can enhance their own business by applying advanced AI to their farming and distribution.

Menker is currently working with a number of farmers in the US state of Iowa, but the collaboration is far reaching. Menker has been able to use her AI model to predict the overall national food output for the next year, by combining a number of data sources. These include a survey of American farmer’s market shoppers and a survey of farmers in Iowa. The data also includes consumer behaviour and retail sales on supermarket shelves.

“When we asked a farmer from Iowa what he thinks the next year’s crop output will look like, he predicted there would be a lot of corn and a small amount of soybeans and barley,” says Menker. “We then used our model to predict what the actual crop output would be on the national scale.”

The model has shown that these predictions are not wildly inaccurate. When Menker and Gro Intelligence applied the model to the US’s crop output, they predicted a corn crop of almost 20% in 2016. This is a big increase on the previous year. However, when

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