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The California Climate Crisis Is Not A New Normal

The California Climate Crisis Is Not A New Normal

Op-Ed: Climate change is a big problem. Citizens must demand many small solutions.

The current climate disaster in California is the result of a confluence of multiple factors, many of which have been going on for decades. If the current crisis is a “new normal” for California, that would be a good thing in itself.

The current crisis has been going on for a very long time. What makes the current crisis distinct is that the root causes and symptoms that were present in the past crisis now have the potential to cause significant damage to the state and its communities.

We know that the impacts of the crisis were made worse by the long-term impacts of climate change and the impacts of the current crisis are made worse every time the weather changes.

The crisis is not some isolated incident. It is a continuing problem that is getting worse every day as the impacts of climate change have been becoming more and more severe, and as we continue adding to the carbon pool in the atmosphere.

The impact of the California crisis on the state’s economy is significant: The combined negative economic impact of the wildfire, the drought, the extreme heat, the water shortages, the lack of public health infrastructure, the impacts of sea level rise, the loss of business to the state’s two largest inland water basins and our transportation system, the effects of the storm on public health, and the loss of state and local revenues resulting from the closure of schools, are a great deal.

The impacts of the crisis are not only being felt in communities that have seen their livelihoods wiped out due to the impacts of the crisis, but also in the areas that have remained relatively unscathed.

The impact of the crisis is also being felt on the state’s public health system, because the crisis has disrupted the hospital system across the state.

The impacts of the crisis go well beyond the individual public health system, to the state’s economy, to other

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