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The Best Family

The Best Family

‘Chrisley Knows Best’ stars Julie and Todd Chrisley: What to know about the reality TV couple and their family’s secret lives of luxury living at the top of the social ladder

Julie and Todd Chrisley were the top of their family. Their father’s biggest asset was that they were both smart, funny and, most importantly, knew what they wanted.

The Chrisleys had no need of the ‘best’ because they were the best in the house.

Julie was the best at math. Todd was the best at chemistry. Both were the youngest of nine children. Todd was the son of Chrisley’s best friend, and the son of Chrisley’s boss at the local college.

Julie was the daughter of the best family friend. At the time, Todd was in junior high school and wasn’t as smart. He was, however, a really good dancer.

Their mother, Mary, was a kind woman who worked as a substitute teacher at the local junior high. If she could make a living just teaching, she was happy to do it, and she loved her husband and seven children.

And she’s the only one who seems to have believed in the idea that they were the best.

As their fortunes took off, though, Todd became more and more of the public face of their family. He had a starring role in TV ads for their company and, eventually, he started his own company.

The Chrisley family at their dinner on the beach, in Florida. Julie is in the center; on her left is her father, and her mother is on her right. From left to right, they are: Todd Chrisley; her sisters, Beth and Kelly; Todd’s mother; her brothers, Chris and Jason; and Mary Chrisley. From the movie ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ 1973

The only family member who seemed to care if Todd made it big or not was their mother, Mary. She was a devout Christian who tried to keep a tight hold on her children, and she did everything in her power to see that they

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