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The AFC East Roundup: Week 3

The AFC East Roundup: Week 3

Jets Turn Up the Pressure on the Bills in the A.F.C. East With a Win at Miami

It’s the final edition of the Around The League Report, a weekly look at the AFC East and other NFC East teams. The Bills will play the Dolphins for the East crown, and for the first time in franchise history there is no AFC East championship available in September. So how they finish matters, as does each team’s opportunity for the Super Bowl, as well as their Super Bowl record.

It’s time to start getting ready to pick winners for the AFC East, which has always been the most interesting division in the NFL. It’s not so much who makes the playoffs, but who gets the division crown and the Super Bowl trip each year. There’s a lot to get excited about for the Bills and Dolphins.

The Dolphins have been here two years, but have lost two and won one and have yet to play for a division title. Their season started off slow, and had a few rough patches, but they finished strong. They’ve had to deal with some injuries, especially after the Week 2 bye, but they’ve looked good in practice and made some key additions, like quarterback Ryan Tannehill and wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

At 4-3 the Dolphins are the division favorite, and have the best win total in the division, something the Bills are still trying to learn about. The Dolphins have the league’s best defense, and while they lost some starters from last season, they have a good core that’s in place.

The Bills have a tough test in Miami, the top offense in the division, but they’re going to need to show their ability to run the football against a Dolphins team that is tied for the best against the run. The Bills have been led by their offensive line, but as usual they’re going to have to throw the ball, and that can be a problem when you’ve got a good running game to counter it.

Miami is a team that won’t make many mistakes, but they will make mistakes, too. They will have a very good offensive line and could go as far as the running game, but they will be a team that’s going to make mistakes. The Bills should be able to overcome this, and the Dolphins will be coming off a bye and will be off of their bye to play again.

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