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Steven Spielberg Is Not An Easy Man to Please

Steven Spielberg Is Not An Easy Man to Please

So, what’s it like playing Steven Spielberg … for Steven Spielberg? According to many people that have played him, it’s a strange but wonderful place. “It’s like meeting the most successful man in the world,” Spielberg told an interviewer. “He’s very accessible and always nice…. He’s not like most humans. He doesn’t have to be. He just is what… he is.”

Spielberg was being more or less accurate.

The man’s an eccentric genius, but he is human. He is, after all, Steven Spielberg, and many people have been known to forget that fact. The movie “The Color Purple” (which I consider the finest film Spielberg ever made) was originally going to star Oprah Winfrey, but when he learned that it would upset Oprah, Spielberg backed out, even though Oprah is a woman of great personal worth and the film made money.

He was once quoted as saying that he would rather be a “normal person” than a star, but when he was shooting “Jurassic Park” (now one of his most famous movies) he went to every dinner to which he could get his hands on, and when his guests complained that he wasn’t making enough, he simply said, “…I am just trying to do my best. It’s just that I’m not an easy man to please.”

Spielberg, who is almost certainly the best-known American director, is also the most-published director of all time. His movies have made more money in the United States than any other American director, and he has become one of the few remaining creative forces that could be said to have influenced an entire generation of contemporary filmmakers. His most recent film “Saving Private Ryan” was released within this past June. It grossed $700 million and won an Academy Award. He has directed many movies, including “The Color Purple,” “A.I.” “The Terminal” (the first feature of which he co-wrote, but not the only one), and “Jurassic Park,” all of which are very personal, very personal, very personal, as well as very strange.

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