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Serena Williams: The Greatest Player on the Planet

Serena Williams: The Greatest Player on the Planet

Serena Williams hails Tiger Woods’ influence as she continues her US Open run

Serena Williams has always stood out from the rest. She is one of the best in the world and she does not settle for second place. Williams has been a great leader who has had to stand up to some of the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet when necessary. She has also been a great champion and she has had to be and go through different hardships which would scare off most competitors.

In order to understand where she is today, we must look back at where she came from. Serena Williams is the daughter of a Jamaican mother and a Cuban father. Her mother had to leave her at birth due to the political situation in Cuba. Serena, her father and his family lived in New York City for three years. Her father played in a band that was traveling around the world opening for artists like Bruce Springsteen and The Eagles.

Although she had to leave the only home she ever had, Williams worked hard and learned how to become a successful athlete. She was a little too ambitious and always wanted to do more. She was once a 16-year-old tennis prodigy in the United States, only to become a professional player in 2008. That same year she gained fame at the French Open after defeating Venus Williams in the second round. She proved that she was the best player on the planet at the time and was rewarded with a place in the top 10.

In the same year, 2007, she defeated a 21-time Grand Slam champion, Monica Seles in the third round at Wimbledon, on to take her place as the world’s No. 1 player. She continued to improve and eventually reached the top 5 at the US Open in 2008. She finished the year strongly, winning the title at the Australian Open and the French Open. She was also ranked number one in the world in the WTA rankings at the end of the year.

On the way to her first Grand Slam final in New York she was hit by a ball off the court and went down. There was nothing she could do other than get off the court. Then she got back on, but could hardly walk because of the pain in her legs. Still, she carried on to win the final in the end. This was the first time Williams had ever won a Grand Slam title

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