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San Francisco Announces New Housing Program for Trans People

San Francisco Announces New Housing Program for Trans People

San Francisco launches guaranteed income program for transgender residents

For nearly a decade, San Francisco has been a pioneer in providing housing to a growing number of transgender people who are transitioning to live as their authentic selves and report being mistreated by former partners and employers.

Now, San Francisco is launching a new program that will guarantee housing to any resident who identifies as transgender.

What does this mean for transgender residents? According to a report by the Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors announced on Monday the creation of the Gender Equity Housing Program, which will dedicate funding to fund a new housing program for transgender residents.

Of the 4,800 individuals that will be able to qualify for the program, 2,300 will be set aside for trans people.

The program will guarantee 10 months of free rent and/or affordable housing for trans people transitioning to get better-quality health care, and for trans people in areas with limited access to a supportive health care system.

“As a city and as a society, we need to recognize that there are more than transphobic attitudes that continue to affect our transgender community,” said Supervisor Hillary Ronen. “When we see that violence is used against us, we know that we must do more.”

At the moment, San Francisco will dedicate $55.7 million in federal funds to fund the Gender Equity Housing program. The city estimates that the program will provide housing to 5,700 trans residents. The program is subject to a five-year budget implementation agreement.

“When it’s going to go into effect, we know that there will be a lot of people who will be able to benefit from this program, we just hope that this will be the case,” said city spokesperson Peter Sanders.

Since trans people identify as women or men, San Francisco says that it is able to ensure that there is no discrimination based on a person’s gender identity when it comes to guaranteeing housing. In order to guarantee housing, the board’s approved $15 for the city’s Community Benefit Fund to be used during this program’s implementation.

It is unclear where exactly trans people receive the necessary health care in San Francisco, but in Oakland, a patient of the Transgender Health Program has access to a psychiatrist for mental health services, as well as gender affirmation surgeries.

On the other hand, trans women in Los Angeles have access to

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