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Ryanair’s Low Air Fares Are a Reason Why Heathrow is Closed

Ryanair's Low Air Fares Are a Reason Why Heathrow is Closed

Why one of Europe’s top airports has become a ‘crazy mess’

As Germany and Britain debate the return of air travel, the chaos over Heathrow, the biggest in Europe, continues.

Last year, an “abnormally high number” of flights returned to and from the UK, but that dropped to 50 a month in 2013, according to latest figures from the Civil Aviation Authority.

A spokesperson for the UK government said: “The UK has been an attractive destination for air travel because of the low air fares.

In fact, the UK’s low air fares were one of the factors behind the success of low-cost Ryanair, Virgin as well as British Airways.

As for the recent decision by the government to cut Heathrow’s capacity by half, it was due to the UK’s low air fares.

So the latest crisis at the UK’s biggest airport came about because the government has just told Ryanair the air fares from the UK are too high.

Now there are suggestions that the way Ryanair has dealt with this is not great, especially as they have to close down the UK’s biggest airport in order to return to the skies in one move.

Ryanair has also been accused of overcharging passengers and not telling them when the airline’s low fares would be available.

But if we look at the past two decades, which was a time of low air fares, this doesn’t look like a problem for Ryanair.

In fact, it was only when Ryanair moved into the skies, that it became a real issue for the rest of the airlines.

This is because Ryanair not only offered a cheap, alternative option for travellers to the UK (after its first years in the UK), but also because it was able to offer much more than the budget airlines.

In fact, Ryanair was able to offer a much better-than-average selection of routes to, from and within the country than even the big four budget airlines could offer.

And as a result, it became a

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