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Ontario Health Lab Tests Positive for COVID-19

Ontario Health Lab Tests Positive for COVID-19

Omicron variant of COVID-19 confirmed in Halton and Durham regions cases, and a patient in London has tested positive for COVID-19

The Ontario Ministry of Health said on Friday that its public health lab has tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19. On Oct. 29, the lab confirmed that a person had recently had a COVID-19 test. On Friday, it released more information about that case, and it confirmed that a Halton man in his 40s has tested positive and is doing well.

In a news release, the ministry said the patient in the Halton region is a Halton resident in his 40s. He was tested on Oct. 31, and the result came back positive for COVID-19. The ministry said the patient lives in Markdale and is a health care worker.

“We are following his case very closely, and we are working closely with our partner health agencies to keep him safe and keep him healthy,” said Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott on Friday.

“I am extremely appreciative of all the support we’ve received from our frontline health-care providers, and we will continue to respond promptly and appropriately,” she said. “All public health labs are being tested for COVID-19. We continue to urge all individuals to remain vigilant when dealing with potential exposure risk and to follow the advice of public health and public health agencies.”

According to the ministry’s news release, the patient is currently in quarantine and self-isolation at his apartment in Markdale and is now being monitored.

“Our Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment continue to closely monitor the public health risks posed by COVID-19. We encourage people to follow the advice of public health and public health agencies, and we continue to monitor developments,” said ministry spokesperson Jeff Dwyer.

On Oct. 29, the news release said the patient was tested positive for COVID-19. On Wednesday in Ontario (the province’s first public health-care worker to be confirmed), the ministry said the patient was in his 40s and living in Markdale.

The Halton man was admitted to a

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