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Nigerian President Babatunde Fashola says his party is working to transform the country’s economy

Nigerian President Babatunde Fashola says his party is working to transform the country’s economy

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Babatunde Fashola, who is seeking to become Nigeria’s first democratically elected president, says his party is working to transform the country’s economy.

Speaking at the International Labour Organisation general conference in Cancun – Mexico, Fashola said the NPP had introduced many people from different walks of life to the party, and this was one of its major achievements.

“Our party has been able to move people into the party because of our ability to inspire people with enthusiasm,” he said.

“It’s important to keep in mind that the party has a lot of people, it has young people. I think we’re able to motivate them.

“Our party, like any other party, has to have people who are motivated to work hard and make the party what it is today,” he added.

On his party’s plans to transform Nigerian economy, he said the NPP was working to remove market distortions.

“We’re working at eliminating market distortions. We’re working at removing the monopolies and the barriers and all those sorts of things because you need competition in the economy,” he said.

“We are working on making sure that the cost of living is affordable as well so that everybody is able to be able to go out and buy quality products at a cost that they can afford without having to be burdened with extra costs,” he added.

Another election issue is the fight against corruption and the need for the establishment of an effective oversight body to fight against corruption.

“We have a huge task ahead of us in eradicating corruption because that’s one of the major pillars of our democracy,” he said.

“We have come a long way since the days when a President took a bribe to leave one state, one state, one state, one state and went to another state, two states or three states, three states and so on,” he said.

The former international labour leader, who is seeking a third term as president, expressed optimism that the country would succeed in its journey to democracy.

“This is a moment where we have the chance to be the new Nigeria, the new North South, the new Black

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