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Neymar’s next move could be in a World Cup game

Neymar’s next move could be in a World Cup game

Brazil with plenty of options to replace Neymar at World Cup

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Brazil’s decision to give Neymar a six-year contract with an extra option for a fiveth year — “the golden duck” — is the kind of deal that makes one wonder where Neymar will go in 2018.

The obvious answer is to go home. But instead, the world’s most successful team plays one of its most open-ended tournaments under pressure to perform. So it’s not unprecedented that Neymar’s next move could be in a World Cup game.

It would just be a surprise.

Neymar, for one, has been more interested in the World Cup than in his next contract for Brazil that will be worth more than $18 million on a one-year deal.

It is likely that no team, not even the world’s best, would be willing to pay a contract that good, and the price of leaving Brazil would be significant.

On the other side, Neymar has been involved in a battle for the best player in the world title of his own — this time with Diego Simeone of Napoli. It’s a battle he’s won twice in four years, and he made $70 million this year with a world-class team.

With Neymar’s talent, money and marketability, there are teams in Brazil that would be fools to pass up the chance to sign him.

There are three reasons why he should be considered an easy trade choice for a third time:

First, he can be sold for a price comparable with the world’s top players.

Second, he is the best player not named Messi and is worth $25 million a year more. That’s the biggest price for a player with that type of talent.

Third, he is the best player in the world who is 33, and will be 30 in July 2018.

There’s at least one team in Europe that could put together the money to pay him — Inter. Perhaps, a deal can be reached over the next seven years for $27 million per year.

If Neymar leaves Italy, the chance would be

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