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Nancy Pelosi’s “red line” comment is a bad thing

Nancy Pelosi’s “red line” comment is a bad thing

Calmes: Nancy Pelosi, the GOAT and the current state of our Democratic-Republican Party

I’m an independent conservative blogger who believes in traditional values. I am also a husband and a father of three, a student and a liberal. I stand firmly against abortion, gay marriage, gun rights and any other liberal agenda. I am a supporter of our troops, and strongly advocate for a strong defense.

But as you may or may not have heard, Nancy Pelosi (the Democrat-in-Chief) has a few “red lines” that she won’t let the President cross. Well, that’s what she’s supposed to do–set limits and guidelines for the people in power.

Of course, the Democrats aren’t just going to abide by these guidelines. As a result, the Republican Party has been getting slammed and blasted in all sorts of venues lately. This is because Pelosi said that the President wouldn’t be allowed to say that he’s “the least corrupt person in the world.” Her exact words were: “I think we need a more serious discussion. Because if we don’t, we’ll never have that discussion.” (Source)

It’s also the case that not all of Pelosi’s actions have been good or wise: “I think we need a more serious discussion because there’s no way that we are going to get a more serious discussion of the differences that we have with each other if we don’t have those discussions.” (Source)

And that’s what I found particularly interesting and troubling about the “red line” comment was that by saying it, she essentially was advocating for a war that we would not be able to win. She was advocating for the use of nuclear weapons. If you think that’s bad, you can probably assume that she would be advocating for the use of chemical weapons as well. Is this what we need as a people if we are intent on the destruction of our enemies?

It’s important to point out that Nancy Pelosi is from the left. When she was elected to Congress in 1986, she became the Congresswoman from the San

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