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Nancy Pelosi’s Brutal Attack on Her Husband

Nancy Pelosi’s Brutal Attack on Her Husband

Pelosi’s Husband Is Gravely Injured in Hammer Attack by an Intruder Who Took Her Purse While She Was Out of Work

Congresswoman-elect Nancy Pelosi has had quite the month so far. Not that she didn’t deserve at least two weeks in the limelight after just winning the Democratic Party’s vice nomination for a House seat in San Francisco this past Tuesday, but it’s been such an exciting ride it’s nearly impossible to wrap your head around. But if you need a few minutes for some mental processing, the newly-minted congresswoman has been a busy one. First, she and her husband were attacked by an intruder who stole their purse in their San Francisco home and then attacked her in an attempt to prevent her from testifying about his actions. Then, her husband was violently attacked by a man who had been stalking him.

Pelosi was in the midst of giving Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s (D-San Francisco) Democratic rebuttal to a committee hearing on gun control when the incident broke. It’s clear her testimony will have to be delayed because she’s been out of sight ever since.

Pelosi was giving a hearing on gun violence and then, on the day of it, a San Francisco man broke into her San Francisco home and took her husband’s wallet and then attacked her with a hammer.

This story is absolutely the most horrific we’ve ever seen. Congresswoman Pelosi is in crisis mode now and her husband is in critical condition after a brutal attack.

The intruder did not find his way into the house through the front door. Instead, he busted in the back door and entered through a side entrance. He attacked Pelosi’s husband, who was sleeping in a bedroom with his wife.

He was wielding a hammer when he swung at Pelosi’s husband. When her husband woke up, the intruder had fled. The hammer was “just a souvenir to show him who’s boss,” Pelosi told The Washington Post.

He was hit by a car, but survived.

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