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MLB All-Star Game Could Hurt the League

MLB All-Star Game Could Hurt the League

Pitch Clocks and Ban on Shifts Could Affect MLB Roster Construction

The MLB All-Star Game starts this week and there’s been a lot of speculation about how the league plans to run the event, which features players like Bryce Harper and Zack Greinke on one team and players like Kris Bryant, Alex Bregman and Miguel Sano on the other.

The All-Star Game is usually a way to showcase and highlight the best players in baseball, but teams aren’t always going to choose the best players available, and that’s when the All-Star Game could hurt the league.

While most teams have the top talent available to them, there are always going to be free agents who would make terrific All-Stars, and teams have to make decisions about those players during the All-Star Break anyway.

If you’ve done your homework, you know that the All-Star Game is run like a traditional 162-game season. Every day, teams are able to swap players with one another in exchange for a player they didn’t want to trade. The All-Star Break is also a traditional “dead period,” during which teams aren’t able to add a player to their rosters.

The All-Star Game will also begin to feature players like Kyle Drabek, who’s a terrific relief pitcher but was not able to find work in the major leagues after an excellent career in independent ball and the minors. (More on him below.)

That’s why the All-Star Game could have a dramatic effect on the league’s roster construction, with a lot of players who would likely be traded on July 20 choosing to skip the All-Star Game. There are also some players who would be on the rosters of one team, then decide to not play in the game.

For the 2016 American League, the All-Star Game will feature 29 players who are likely either the best or the most valuable talent available, while there are 24 AL teams with the talent to have some fun with the All-Star Game. If you want to take a guess at how many players are on the rosters of teams who, because of the All-Star Game, could

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