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Lindsey Graham says he is pushing for a subpoena to force the Trump-Russia investigation to proceed

Lindsey Graham says he is pushing for a subpoena to force the Trump-Russia investigation to proceed

Graham asks SCOTUS to block a subpoena from an Atlanta grand jury investigating 2020 election interference, including the role of Russian hackers, that may result from the discovery of “collusion” between President Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia.

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When Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., met with President Donald Trump on Tuesday, he said he tried to get the president to give him an update on the investigation he and his Republican colleagues are pursuing into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether the president committed obstruction.

Trump’s attorney, William Burck, said Trump “completely denies any collusion with Russia,” and that the special counsel’s investigation into Russia “will be done by and under the supervision of the Department of Justice.”

But Graham, one of Trump’s staunchest allies in Congress, told Post reporters that he believes it’s necessary to move forward with an impeachment inquiry after learning of the existence of a grand jury investigation, which could result in a subpoena for Trump’s tax returns, financial documents and testimony from former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

In a text message, Graham said that “if the government does not comply by Thursday, I am going to ask the House Judiciary Committee to issue a subpoena to the Department of Justice and [Attorney General William] Barr…. We would then have to review the results of the grand jury investigation, which I believe would be done in conjunction with the Department of Justice by the Department of Justice. If the Department of Justice doesn’t comply and cooperate, it would be up to this committee to take that next step.”

But when asked directly about Graham’s claim that he is pushing for a subpoena to force the department to comply, Trump’s attorney, William Burck, said in a statement that “[n]one of it is true. The Trump-Russia investigation has been given ample opportunity to comply with all of our requests, and the Department has denied them all.”

“Mr. Trump’s refusal to cooperate with the House Intelligence Committee, as well as the Director’s refusal to provide the committee with full and unredacted versions

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