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Ke Huy Quan Returns to Live Drama After Eight Years

Ke Huy Quan Returns to Live Drama After Eight Years

With a comeback like no other, Ke Huy Quan can again embrace his dream of acting in live theater.

For years, Ke Huy Quan has remained silent after revealing his heartbreak in his first “Love Is a Dream” broadcast in January 2009. Although the idol has been quiet for eight years and has only made one cameo appearance, he has remained in the public eye after his return to live performance after suffering a career-altering heartbreak.

After eight years away from live drama, Ke Huy Quan is preparing to return to live theater with a comeback like no other. He’ll be starring in the drama “The Legend of Meng Guo,” which will air on Channel A’s “Chinese Star” in October. The drama, which is adapted from an original novel by Xiao Xia, will not only depict Meng Guo’s transformation through his life experience, but also help the viewers get to know the charismatic, sensitive hero better.

“I have returned to live drama after eight years,” Ke Huy Quan said. “The original story is the story of my life since I was young.”

I have returned to live drama after eight years. And I decided not to watch [‘Love Is a Dream’] when I was young. From then on, I was always on stage, but that does not mean I have a heart of wax. No, I have a heart of steel. I have returned to live drama after eight years.

“This is my first time participating in ‘The Legend of Meng Guo,’” he said while talking about his participation in the drama. “As the actor who played Meng Guo, I was quite surprised when the role was cast. However, since this is a new drama, I did not know whether I could handle it. My family and I were not able to take part in [the drama] for a long time, but after [the filming of] three days, my family and I agreed to take the role and we were still able to successfully complete the drama.”

“When I was young, I thought this drama would not be able to pull me in,

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