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Kanye West: The Art of Self-Destruction

Kanye West: The Art of Self-Destruction

MRC pulls Kanye West doc: ‘We cannot support any content that amplifies his platform’

The MRC has reportedly pulled a documentary about Kanye West from its schedule as a publicity stunt. In a statement obtained by TMZ, the broadcaster said that the documentary, entitled Kanyes: The Art of Self-Destruction, did not reflect the opinions of the MRC, which it defended during a lengthy interview with the rapper last week. The MRC was responding to criticism that the documentary appeared to celebrate drugs and other dangerous behaviors common to drug abusers: in particular, a scene showing West making a gun out of toothpaste, and a clip in which he appears to be smoking crack while wearing a Nazi uniform. (The documentary contained footage of West making racist and homophobic comments; the MRC did not explain why these clips were cut.)

The new trailer for the documentary made by filmmaker Jeff Foxworthy shows a West character talking to a black police officer who is listening to West’s voice recording. This character then says to the officers listening to him, “I’m from Westchester County. And I know every cop in my precinct.” He then asks the officer whose precinct he is from, “Do you have any other choice but to arrest me?” and says, “So, are you gonna arrest me?”

Foxworthy responded, “West is a controversial figure with a controversial past. This doc, in no way, shape or form is an unbiased portrait of the man known as Kanye West,” he wrote. “As one of America’s most celebrated musicians, his words, thoughts and words are an invaluable conversation piece when it comes to analyzing his music, his career, or his lifestyle.”

A representative for MRC told TMZ that the documentary was pulled because the documentary’s creators could not provide adequate time to put it together, which led to “poor quality of the documentary, and the decision to pull it was in order to protect the MRC brand.” The show’s producers tried to contact Foxworthy via email, phone, and social media to try to put together a satisfactory substitute for the show, but to no avail. The show was scheduled to air on March 1, but will now be delayed to a later date.

The MRC statement said:

“We cannot

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