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I’m a Dodgers Fan, and I’m a Dodgers Fan

I’m a Dodgers Fan, and I’m a Dodgers Fan

Letters to the Editor: Hey, Dodgers, care to comment on that racist ad played during the playoffs?

Published 1:43 PM ET Wed, 27 May 2015 Reuters


I’ve been a Dodger fan since I was born, and I couldn’t be more excited about what this future has in store for them. If it happens, it’ll be a wonderful opportunity for some people to try to claim that everyone hates all Dodgers fans, and for others to claim that all Dodgers fans are racists.

They’ve been talking about making us racist for so long that I’m surprised they haven’t done anything already–even if they have, it’s not as bad as they have been saying.

If they’ll listen to anyone that actually knows us, I say they need to listen to the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama. He said that racism is the real divide in this country, and I agree.

I don’t want to be a racist, not no way. I just want us to all come together as one team and one fan base. I just want us all to agree to love each other with the passion we have for the game. If we stay together and stick together, we can accomplish anything we set our mind to.

I’ve been with my wife for over forty years, and she supports the team unconditionally. We’ve gone to every game, and she’s never complained one bit. We’ve seen them win championships every year, and she still has the same passion for the Dodgers.

I know that racism is no longer an issue in this country, but they seem to be trying to play that card anyway.

I’ve been to a lot of games at our local ballpark. I was at the game when they beat the Yankees in the World Series in 2010, and a lot of the fans there were excited about it. We’ve seen the team go to the World Series before, and I’ve never seen fans show so much passion for the team–I’ve never seen so many fans leave with a “to the championship!” in their hearts.

We don

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