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How to Vote by Mail in California’s 2022 Election

How to Vote by Mail in California’s 2022 Election

About to vote? Your last-minute guide for the 2022 California elections

“You have to get in line by 5 p.m.,” the woman said, handing me a ballot.

But I was in line for 10 p.m. — and no, I don’t know how come — and this woman was already three hours ahead of me.

The woman was the only one in line for the ballot, and in another year and a half she would be a part of another line.

It’s time to get in line: California’s upcoming general election next year is a year off, on Sept. 17, 2022 rather than in November of this year.

So here’s a little guide for how to find yourself and what to do next on the day after the election:

How to find yourself

You’ll be assigned a ballot number — but not by the state — and your ballot will be forwarded to a ballot-scanning site in the area that you live. The link to the Statewide Voter Information System — — is here. (If you want to log on to the system online, look for this address:

Look for it on Election Day.

You should see a message that says you’re on track to register to vote.

You get to choose whether to send your ballot in via mail, or if you want to bring it to the site by hand. You also get access to the ballot-scanning site at your convenience.

And that’s not all.

California has an option for voting by mail, and it’s here:

You need to go to the site’s main page — in particular, scroll down to the line for the year and to the bottom of that section — and you need to click on “voting by mail.” After that, you can send your ballot in by mail, or

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