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How to Stop Your Parents Spending Money on Their Own Kids

How to Stop Your Parents Spending Money on Their Own Kids

How Can I Stop My Usually Sensible Parents From Splurging on a Milestone?

We all know that we should be careful with our money as soon as possible so that it would not be squandered right on something silly. We also know the value of saving and saving a little money and then investing it into some good thing that would bring good returns over the years. What we often forget is that our parents may not be aware of the importance of the same. There is no reason they should have to waste money on a trivial or foolish purchase that could have been spent elsewhere. However, there are some times that we have to be strict with our parents about spending for them and then we have to be strict with them about spending on themselves. If we follow this strategy of strict financial discipline, we will be able to stop our parents from giving out expensive gifts, vacations and more importantly the kind of extravagant spending that we need to avoid.

Whenever I think of our parents spending money on something, I often think their spending money on their own kids is the thing that we should avoid. Our parents shouldn’t get their hearts set on being the sole provider of a family or being in line and take extravagant trips and more importantly to put their kids in expensive schools. However, that does not mean we should not make sure that they are able to meet their family’s basic needs such as a comfortable life and good food.

We need to make sure that our parents only get to enjoy their hard earned money when they have decided to spend on something that we have decided to keep in mind. When our parents start getting involved with the purchase of something that they don’t really need, they are just spending money on something that they wish was available to them but are not. This has to be avoided as it doesn’t benefit our household or our parents and it is just bad financial discipline. It is not only about money at all. We have to do the same with our parents. They have to stop trying to play the role of the wealthy and not the poor. They have to stop indulging in needless purchases. When our parents are not financially disciplined we are going to be in dire straits. This is just another example of why we have to make our parents realize that if they don’t spend the money on something that they need or something

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