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How to Get Free Shipping on Your Christmas Gifts

How to Get Free Shipping on Your Christmas Gifts

Don’t get scammed this holiday season. Here’s what to watch out for.

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December is the only month that every major credit card offers free shipping without exception, so it definitely has bragging rights to play with this holiday season. Make this your season of “I just got a freebie, so you should too. (Just don’t tell me which shipping company it came from.”

If you’re worried about the shipping situation, consider this: Amazon ships free this holiday season. You can opt in for priority shipping by clicking here.

You might feel conflicted about shipping if you don’t actually use Amazon’s shipping service, but it makes the purchase process simple and hassle-free. That’s the good thing about Amazon.

Plus: You get the convenience of no holiday shipping charges on your purchase.

Want to check out a gift idea? We found the perfect one: the gift card, which is a $100 gift card that you can use at over 800 stores around the nation.

I’m a sucker for something shiny on my body, so I bought a $6,700 diamond necklace that I’m kind of obsessed with. But the thing is, now that it’s on, it’s really not all that pretty.

My husband was all like, “Hey, that necklace is gorgeous! Can you put it in a jewelry box?” I tried to explain how I love it but he was unimpressed with that.

Took my husband to an upscale chain grocery store to convince him to get me that necklace. “You’re going to get that, right? It’s the greatest necklace you’ve ever seen.”

But it’s just a jewelry box. I’m not a jewelry expert, but the necklace he got looks like something else made out of, like, a little string and twine. Seriously, it’s like something that would come in a box.

We’re going to see if they’ll do a discount to return things online that aren’t working. We got a new phone charger for the wife last Christmas before Christmas, but we waited until now to return it since we bought it online. That’s always gonna be the cheapest way to return a product.

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