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How to Deal With Spring Storms

How to Deal With Spring Storms

Warmer weather on tap for Southern California after weekend of storms

LOS ANGELES — High winds and heavy rain from the first day of spring broke nearly 200 trees in a neighborhood. Trees were felled and power lines were knocked down. Then, a fast-moving nor’easter brought freezing rain and gale-force winds to Southern California on Sunday.

By 8 p.m., the storm had pounded Southern California with wind gusts of up to 75 miles per hour and flooding that has blocked streets, damaged homes, knocked down buildings and knocked out electricity, and was still rolling through the densely populated coast.

In the days after the storm, residents of Southern California are trying to put the damage from the latest bout of weather to bed and get back to their day-to-day routines. And as they do so, they’re learning more about the severity of the storms that can strike the region in a single day during spring — and how to cope with them.

“This is what spring is supposed to be about: growth,” said Rick Hagen, who lives in the coastal town of San Juan Capistrano. “It’s supposed to be about growth and renewal, and it seems we got a lot of both in our community.”

After the nor’easter, Hagen said, “there was a lot more snow,” with some of it piled up alongside the road after the power was out. “We couldn’t work and play outside and we didn’t have hot drinks or warm food until the afternoon.”

Hagen said he had a friend who helped him move some of his stuff into a storage facility in San Juan Capistrano. “He said he lost the insurance on his truck. So he wanted to have a safe spot to store stuff and be prepared for a rough time.”

Residents who were forced into their basements had to be careful of falling objects. “They were all caving in,” H

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