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GOP fundraisers report allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump

GOP fundraisers report allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump

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WASHINGTON — Several Republican candidates who spoke at a fundraiser held at the home of Republican billionaire Charles Munger this week have told POLITICO they are not surprised by the allegations against Trump that have been made by a former political adviser and a prominent campaign donor.

The party chairman of New Jersey’s congressional delegation said Tuesday that he’s not aware of any criminal investigations. The congresswoman leading the Democratic caucus in Congress called the fundraiser “a disturbing story.”

The allegations against Trump are an important piece of evidence in his effort to build a national fundraising network after recent losses in his most recent election and as he attempts to fend off criticism from within his own party that he is not sufficiently loyal to it.

He’s accused by several women of misconduct, including sexual improprieties as an adult, over the course of four decades of his business career.

Some of those allegations are detailed in federal court documents unsealed Monday. The documents — which provide the first public details of Trump’s alleged history of sexual misconduct — include allegations from accusers, former employees and friends.

The former adviser, who goes by the nom de guerre Paul Manafort, also alleges that Trump “repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances toward him when he worked for him.” He says those incidents included unwanted touching, kissing and grabbing from 2002 to 2005, and a 2005 encounter in which Trump allegedly forced him to perform oral sex.

Manafort has since pleaded guilty to federal charges of tax evasion and failure to report foreign bank accounts. Trump denies the allegations of misconduct and has called for the investigation to be shut down.

The congressional Republicans’ fundraising target for the week is at least $800,000, and Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski expects to see a “dramatic impact” after the news reports. The RNC is facing a $26 million deficit for the first

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