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Emma Thompson’s “The English”: Emma Blunt’s Journey to the Dark Side

Emma Thompson’s “The English”: Emma Blunt’s Journey to the Dark Side

Emily Blunt finds the thrill of revenge in ‘The English’

As a young actress, Emma Thompson fell in love with the dark, twisty, wicked films that made her a star, but found it difficult to land the role she was longing for. After being cast in the film version of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, Thompson felt “as if she’d got the film adaptation of Brave New World right, but never quite got the one that was waiting for her.”

Like Brave New World, The English is a dark tale of political intrigue and dark sexual passion, based on the play by George Dondero, which was first performed in 1934. It tells of a married politician who makes a fateful decision regarding a young woman he once loved. Set in 1931, The English stars Blunt as Evelyn “Eve” West, a society hostess whose career is in tatters, her love for her teenage daughter cut short by the death of her husband.

On the strength of her performance in The English, Blunt was offered the role of Eve in Nineteen Eighty-Four, and made a decision she would never, ever regret. And in the film version of her own life, she found a way to play a character who was as dark and twisted as that of her literary creation. “I felt very close to the character, and I took the character a little bit from Margaret Atwood,” Blunt said. “She’s not a completely perfect figure, but a woman who is strong enough to get away with doing despicable things.”

In the new film, released in April, Blunt reveals that she had to play Eve in a way that reflected her own dark side. “There were things that I couldn’t do that I wanted to do, and I could do them. It was very much about making that decision, and it was just a matter of finding the character.�

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