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Cardi B’s new video for “Finesse” is a throwback to her days as a boss lady

Cardi B’s new video for “Finesse” is a throwback to her days as a boss lady

Cardi B remembers Takeoff’s ‘remarkable talent’ and ‘dope’ personality

Cardi B’s new video for “Finesse,” her collaboration with Takeoff, is a good introduction to her as a boss lady.

The video, starring Cardi B as someone else, is a throwback to her late-’00s and early-’10s videos, which were frequently filmed with a handheld camcorder. These videos have always been an odd mix of art and business, and in this clip, Cardi B’s personality comes through like she always does.

Takeoff is a Canadian singer-songwriter who also has a number of hits, including “In the Morning” and “I Do,” but unlike many Takeoff songs, “Remind Me” wasn’t released on a major label; instead, it’s exclusive to a Canadian website on which he created a limited-edition CD.

In the video, Cardi B is an actress who plays an escort who wants to start her own agency, but first needs to do a favor for a friend of hers. She decides to film a video for “Finesse,” a song she wrote and produced herself.

“I just thought the way she was singing and the way she did her dance moves was just so incredible and so dope. I knew I wanted to do something with her,” she said in an interview with Billboard. “It was just a really cool little opportunity.”

She also talked about the song “remind me,” which she co-wrote and produced with Takeoff and features vocals from fellow Canadian artists like CeeLo Green and Big Freedia.

“He wrote me a whole bunch of other stuff, but it was just a cool little thing to know that I was in on something that was really dope,” Cardi B said of her collaborator.

Takeoff had just a year and a half on his last major label release, 2015’s “Nappy Boy.” He’s just starting to get noticed, though, as he’s signed to

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