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Brady’s ex-wife is fighting over the money – but he’s not going to see it

Brady's ex-wife is fighting over the money - but he's not going to see it

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen took a court-ordered parenting course ahead of divorce: Report

NEW YORK — His wife is fighting over the money – but Tom Brady isn’t going to see it.

The “Super Bowl-winning quarterback” and the fashion entrepreneur are reportedly in court this week for a final round in their divorce. According to the report from, Brady claims he’s entitled to a $40 million settlement because he’s “the best dad on the planet.”

He’s not, and it’s not only his side of the story that’s been exposed by the divorce action.

Brady’s ex-wife Gisele had filed for divorce just two weeks ago.

In papers filed Jan. 7, she told a judge that the two had spent much of 2018 together in an apartment in the Hamptons, a place she and Tom also own.

“From the outset of this litigation, it has become clear to me and my counsel that Gisele is unwilling to enter into any agreement that does not provide Tom with a significant monetary settlement,” she wrote.

Bündchen reportedly went to the Hamptons to finalize their divorce – months before Gisele and Tom were ever married or knew each other.

Gisele reportedly moved into the apartment with her two daughters, then 18 and 19, and her husband.

A source told Gisele moved to the Hamptons as a safety precaution.

“She has no place to go, she has no friends there,” the source said.

According to Radar, Tom said he doesn’t have the money to pay for his ex-wife’s legal bills, and is demanding $40 million in cash.

Bündchen claims that $15 million from the sale of her fashion chain was the source of the settlement, but Radar said that doesn’t even include the money she got from selling the company in order to buy out her ex-husband’s stake.

But that’s not all, as Radar reports that Tom even has assets of his

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