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Bolsonaro loses election to less than a million votes

Bolsonaro loses election to less than a million votes

Bolsonaro silent after Brazil presidential vote loss

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro reacts after he lost on Saturday to lower house, Senate President Eduardo Azael (L), in Brasilia, Brazil February 13, 2019. REUTERS/Rafael Proenjes – RC10TJGJ

(Reuters) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro lost a second term in office in a shock vote on Saturday that prompted accusations of fraud, leading to accusations of possible electoral fraud and a call for the vote re-run later this year.

The result of the vote, however, left Bolsonaro, who was barred from running for a third election amid the far-right policies he has taken on, without power.

The president’s spokesman, Carlos Eduardo Garcia, tweeted on Sunday that he would have lost even if the result was declared the same as in the first round between Bolsonaro and center-left candidate Fernando Haddad.

“Bolsonaro had no chance to come back in the election. The vote was rigged,” Garcia said.

Garcia later tweeted that the result would be announced at a news conference on Sunday.

Bolsonaro said ahead of Sunday’s election that he would take to the airwaves to call voters and to explain the situation to them.

The vote followed several days of turmoil ahead of the vote, with his far-right opponents accusing him of fraud and threatening to boycott it because he refused to concede defeat.

Bolsonaro, who had been on life support since he suffered a stroke on Jan. 1, lost the election to less than a million votes. A second vote was required for the upper house of Congress to choose delegates to try to undo the result.

Eduardo Azael, head of its lower house, said he was calling an extraordinary session of the house on Sunday to overturn the election result.

“The second round of voting must be held at the same time with the

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