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Bella Hadid’s Personal Style Is a Big Deal

Bella Hadid’s Personal Style Is a Big Deal

What Bella Hadid and Pharrell Williams Wore to Their Parties

When Bella Hadid first became a household name, a lot of her fans were curious about the designer’s personal style. Well, that’s probably because they’ve always loved fashion. Bella, 27, likes to wear clothing made by other artists.

You’d recognize her from her most recent collaboration with Pharrell Williams. In his latest single, “Coco Chanel,” Bella was shown in an outfit from his Pharrell Williams Collection, which consisted of bright patterns and colors that would make most of us cringe.

Bella Hadid

“I think if Pharrell would have been more of a traditional dresser in terms of his dress selections for the song, it would’ve been very different — more like a fashion show, or a collection,” she told Refinery 29 in a recent interview. “[I wanted] a party, a party vibe, for me to wear. I wanted it to be a little more casual, and fun, and sexy.”

You can see in the pictures she posted on Instagram how hard it was to pull off, but in the end she accomplished the look well.

“I’m really into the Pharrell Williams Collection, it’s so dope,” she added. “Just having him as my brand ambassador is a dream come true, to be honest. I wish he was my favorite artist! Honestly, there’s only one artist I want to be paired with forever, and that’s Pharrell.”

The collaboration hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, with 511,000 copies sold. The single has since been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and is the first collaboration between Bella Hadid and Pharrell to reach platinum sales.

Bella Hadid — who has been named one of the “25 Bawse Bachelorettes with the Most Instagram ‘Best Looking’ Faces” by Vogue — has not been shy in sharing her personal style. She once posted a photo of herself wearing a pair of

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