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Alessandro Michele Wears Gucci Clothing

Alessandro Michele Wears Gucci Clothing

I Will Miss Alessandro Michele’s Freaky, Geeky Gucci Clothes

If you hadn’t heard, Alessandro Michele and his wife are expecting their second child, in a manner of speaking. He recently spoke to us about his love of the Gucci aesthetic, and how he’s been wearing the brand (like it or love it) since birth. When and if Alessandro Michele and his wife decide to join the fashion world as well, watch our fingers get cold on the possibility of meeting up with the brand!

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Alessandro Michele is the epitome of cool as he’s never been seen without his Gucci sneakers, jeans or a cool T-shirt, or any other cool fashion related accessory. Alessandro Michele is not a fashion victim though; he doesn’t care if you’re in a party or out in public looking amazing. And being that he’s a fashion victim, he probably isn’t aware of the fact that he’s in a fashion business! Alessandro Michele is a fashion champion, if you want a real champion, just look at his family’s closets. He loves his fashion, and like it or love it, he’s not gonna change!

In Italy, Alessandro Michele is known for wearing the Gucci clothing with a huge grin on his face – he’s not a happy guy. He’s seen more than his fair share of misery, and he knows how to handle it – Alessandro Michele is the kind of guy that’s got his back and is never afraid to show it. When we asked him what he’s going to miss about living in Italy, Alessandro Michele said he didn’t know. He just knows he won’t miss the Gucci products or Italian customs at all.

Alessandro Michele wears his Gucci clothing “like it or love it”, but I guess that’s not something anyone can really say.

I had to ask – do you ever wear Gucci?

Alessandro Michele: I’ve

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