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Against violence in Chechnya

Against violence in Chechnya

Detention of Russian dissident Yashin extended by 6 months

MOSCOW, April 2. /TASS/. A court in Moscow has extended the detention of Russian dissident Aleksandr Yashin by six months until the end of June. The court imposed conditions on his detention at Lefortovo detention center in the district of Moscow on April 2. The conditions extend the detention of the activist to April 16. According to the activists on Yashin’s case, the Russian authorities have not granted them a date for his court hearing. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) had announced on April 1 that it would extend Aleksandr Yashin’s detention by three months.

The activists on the protest against the situation in Chechnya and the Russian authorities’ inability to restore the region’s government control are appealing to all citizens to actively participate in the actions, to join the protest rallies and to call to protest at various levels.

The main action in Russia’s Chechnya was a protest on the day of the 10th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Chechnya, when the activists, among them Yashin, laid out a banner with the words “Against violence” and started the march.

The March of Justice

On the 5th of April, a protest march in support of activists detained in Russia has been held in the European part of the country. The activists on the various cases that were on it are: Alexei Kudrin, Alexei Navalny, Yury Borisov, Maria Zakharova, Aleksandr Bogomolov, Yurii Tumskov and others. A call to solidarity was added on the protest page of the activist group “Moscow Helsinki Group” and has been delivered by members of the group.

Alexei Kudrin, former Russian presidential candidate, was detained on the 5th of April on a Moscow police request. The authorities wanted to question Kudrin on the activities in support of the protest by rights activists who were detained in Russia. Moscow’s court ordered Kudrin’s release from jail only a month ago.

The protest action has been supported by the Russian

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