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Adam Fieber is suing his school district over his son’s climbing of El Capitan

Adam Fieber is suing his school district over his son's climbing of El Capitan

A Colorado dad says his 8-year-old is the youngest to scale El Capitan, but did they really climb it?

The father of a second grader is suing his school district over its discipline of his child for climbing El Capitan in San Francisco.

“It wasn’t right for our kid to climb the rock wall, and I think they were wrong to use their discretion to discipline the kid for that,” says Adam Fieber, who took his young son to the rock when he was 8 years old.

Fieber’s son and his classmates climbed El Capitan in the fall of 2016, making what he calls the “perfect storm” for disaster.

“There was a couple of days of rain, and I think it just became clear for everyone that a lot of the people who are climbing the rock are just climbing the rock,” Fieber says in an interview with the Mercury News. “I think the teachers made a bad decision.”

Fieber said this year, he decided to take his son to the rock with him, and they made it the “perfect storm.”

“I knew it would help our son to be hanging out with his friends. He just turned 8, and he is now having a great time climbing the rock wall, and I thought it would help him to have some adult supervision. Our son and his friend climbed the rock wall for a week, and it was just such a treat to observe how dedicated these kids are.”

Fieber said his son climbed the rock nearly every day, and his mother even took him to the rock after every trip to school.

“My mom took him climbing every day to get to know him better,” Fieber said in the Mercury News.

The suit alleges that the school district “knew or should have known” the climbing on the rock would occur without proper supervision, but in the years leading up the incident, the school district ignored Fieber’s repeated requests to speak with them about proper supervision at the rock.

Despite the dangers, Fieber told the Mercury News that he believes he’s getting what he deserves.

“I’m getting exactly what I’m seeking in my suit, which is full and fair compensation for the fact that my son and his friend were placed in an unwise situation, and I’m getting full and fair compensation for my efforts to resolve that issue,” he said

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